Thursday, September 6, 2012

in addition... (found fish ball)

So, this was the nearly forgotten masterpiece that wouldn't upload at first.  I think my favorite part is the reflection of the carnie who is trying to persuade the kids to use the fishing pole (if you listen to the audio) instead of using their hands. Of course, the accidental resemblance to actual fish schooling or bait balls is unintentional by the carnie, but super-awesome none the less.

(I hope there isn't an add for google or calvin klein bras or something before that upload.  The things I don't know how to control...)

I watch underwater nature programming to comfort myself in times of strife, especially Mr. David Attenborough's Life Series (more about this soon).   I also recently got to enjoy watching the Vaux Swifts converge on the chimney at Chapman School in Portland, Oregon (though I did not shoot this video).

These swirling masses of the same sized objects remind me of how my brain often feels, and that reminder is remarkably comforting.  I think it should be alarming, but instead I'm grateful to see, physically embodied, the electricity in my brain. Notice how there are almost always a group of swifts, or sharks, that are segwaying off to the side?  But they are still moving with purpose.  That is also a very accurate visual metaphor...

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