Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Draft Away!

So, this is the Discovery Channel Building celebrating Shark Week, according to Wikipedia.

And this is the BonePile Grill's Filipino Great White. Love the 2x4 mounting system they have rigged up

Mike and I actually stopped at this place between Newport and Lincoln City on the 101 back in April.  However, it wasn't open that day.  Today it was, and I ordered a S.O.B. Sandwich (various lovely bbq things were in it, and it came with coleslaw). 

I somehow managed to pass on the free range possum and hormone free beaver.  If you are ever on the 101 stop on by-  the bad taste, vaguely shark related memorabilia would make it worth it, even if the food wasn't as absolutely fantastic as it certainly turned out to be.

I will get back to the rest of my Penland adventure soon enough. However, it's fat Tuesday and I should be tiling...