Thursday, September 27, 2012

Arriving in California

ok, I know I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have real internet. And to be able to type while sitting on a deck and drinking beer and listening to owls and freeway at the same time is just TOO COOL.

Enroute today I had the excuse to make these 2 videos. The first is of what seem to be Eames chairs at the Sacramento Airport, the second the shadow of date palms at the Burbank airport.  Both are really just experiments in framing.  Compositionally I feel like I'm getting a little better at this, though, sheesh, I have no idea. It's the found sound that makes me happy.

I find travel truly magical and rejuvenating. It's superduper that I have no job to go back to, that I can just be here now. The real question I need to answer is how can I take the place I live and make it this interesting (at least to me- I realize no one else in the world probably finds these videos interesting....)

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