Thursday, January 24, 2013

Packed like Sardines in a Tin

I'm a relatively cheap, easy print maker.  This block is made from a chip-board I originally meant to make a silkscreen transparency with.  Instead I mounted him to a 50cent piece of particle board with spray adhesive, and then coated him with PVA.
Here's a pile of single fish.
Empty bulletin board.  Well, empty except for Jori Ketten's prints (
After one On The Media episode.
Whole bulletin board.  But there were still more fish!
Headed east!  

All in all, I think there's around 600 fish... More pictures, I'm sure, soon.  Also, today I should get some paper on rolls to get back to that idea of silkscreening sardines in quantity!  Right?  Because what this world needs is more paper fish!
Right now this could make a sizable dent in the walls of the 301, but nowhere near the impact I really desire. Still, not bad for half a days work, really.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still Life with Pimento Cheese

Today's project was fueled by Hot Pimento Cheese (first ingredient on the label "artificial salad cheese") and freeze dried Okra. 

This is a quick shot of a test edition I did of the front and back of some business cards/ new blog announcements. The project is one I've been kicking around for awhile; a fluxus inspired sort of group.  More on that as the project progresses.

It was another sunny, lovely, perfect day.  Looking forward to printing in the new dawn light. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Day! Penland in Sunshine!

Snow was predicted.  Shows how much the weather man knows!
I like these red fellas.
View from the print studio.
From the water towers above the dorms
I'm actually staying on Heaven's Above Road.  This is the road that leads to Heaven's Above road. Don't confuse the two. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

J'arrive au Penland!

The view from the Letterpress Studio window.  I'm sure I'll be sharing more pictures soon, though at the moment we are still getting ready to go.
It is very very wet here. But that'll just make us work harder, right?

Tuna Travels

Masterpieces Everywhere!

So, once again we had Tuna Tuesday, NYC edition.  If you look back to January 18th of last year you can see these same folks in attendance, though at that point baby Mina was only 2 months old. Now she's HUGE!  She's a sink-full!  And look at those eyes!  She's gonna be a heart breaker!

It's funny when something goes from being a common, daily or weekly part of life to suddenly becoming nostalgic.  I recently learned my faux-Saarinen table and chairs, given to me by one tuna friend and leant in good faith to some others, are now inaccessible to me.  That the cast-iron skillet on which we made so much tuna love was given away.  It's funny to be sad about such things, such objects.  And difficult to be, when you are surrounded in a warm New york apartment by loving, maturing friends. Now with babies. Now with glasses.

The sandwiches, of course, remain a constant changing thing. You can never eat the same sandwich twice.  But you certainly can try.  The attempt is in itself a success. 

Truly, a great gesture, making me keys with a bottlecap chain.  Friendly new memories made, indeed.  So gentle is the love of true friends.

Cleaning Up and Good Friends

I really didin't feel like my space at 601 was that, well, exciting this time.  Which is a shame, after all the time it took me to make the wall pieces and such.  Maybe I'm just not used to having such a small space.

Here's the top to the table.  My mother found me the fantastic food chain plastic bowls.  Eventually there were more than enough bottlecaps to go around the outside of the table.  Also I got to pollute another table with the wonderful arsenic green color of my heart. 

Shark, the day after smashing. 

Hair and confetti.

Happy half a shark.

De-cluttered.  I was actually looking forward to the visual of the shark ending up in the Dunkin' Donuts   Dumpster.  But instead I was visited by friends from Maine (Josh ( Randa and Isaac), who ended up taking the little guy home.  That shark has travelled coast to coast!

There may be fewer fins now, but more love, I'm sure...

Posting Postcards (Fete de la Critique)

Late on the first night of Residency I walked around and distributed the invitation cards.  These are just a smattering of the folks work in my program...

(Apparently people have gotten she and I confused.  She also just got a ten grand grant from the state of Minnesota.  May I be so lucky.  Good Job, Maggie!)

(Rita is doing awesome videos of the water.)

(This is Steph who rolled in the confetti and boxed with the shark.  She rearranged her space A LOT.)

(Instagrams of things found while digging in the backyard.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coney Island (by Myself)

Took a little time after a morning of writing. It's nearly dusk in all these pictures; as you can see, grey skies are still chasing me everywhere!

		    	has its cookies to give out

which is a good thing

                    since its been a long time since

	    that summer in Brooklyn

	when they closed off the street

		   one hot day

		      and the

					turned on their hoses

    and all the kids ran out in it

	in the middle of the street

      and there were

		      maybe a couple dozen of us

						     out there

with the water squirting up

			       to the


 						and all over


	there was maybe only six of us

					  kids altogether

	          running around in our

					barefeet and birthday


		       and I remember Molly but then

	      the firemen stopped squirting their hoses

		       all of a sudden and went

			       back in

			their firehouse


		started playing pinochle again

			just as if nothing

			     had ever


	while I remember Molly
				  looked at me and

		ran in

	because I guess really we were the only ones there

after 100 years no hurricane will get us!

these don't sound like our starlings at home.