Thursday, March 21, 2013

Viva la Mexico! the 26 hour visit.

It seemed ridiculous to be making pinatas and not have visited Mexico (especially because the Pinata District turned out to be such an unfriendly bust!), and since Mike was staying in San Diego, we decided to hop over for my last day below the 45th parallel. 
Thanks to the internet (a very big thank you here) we were turned on to the Mercado Hildalgo, which is an excellent market complex.  We may have been the only white folks there; we were friendly greeted, though Mike and Michelle are certain I got screwed out of two dollars when I bought cocoanut. 

I took the next picture for Sarah:

And then there were the exceptionally awesome pinatas.  They were everywhere!

Happy girl.

Then we went to the rest of Tijuana, where hand-painted signs abounded. 

And this could pass for a house.

And apparently you could easily get your hands on viagra

We didn't stay long.  We headed south, down to La Fonda.  Yes, Jesus' head lights up night. 

In paradise with a $3 margarita. A very tasty margarita. They went downhill from there. 

Back in Rosarito, found this guy,

and this paper mache mystery. 

&, yeah, this is the palm tree in the pool at the hotel we could afford to stay in.  The hotel we couldn't afford had a ferris wheel, I kid you not. 

The next day we drove to Tecate, had tacos and waited in line at the border for almost 4 hours to have our car searched. And I still made my flight, even more excited to work with cardboard and tissue, dreaming of palmtrees...

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