Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun with Silk Screen!

Because I could I decided to take a break from Vandercooking and make a silk screen and then (in my  head) I figured I'd be able to screen an all-over-print and things would go so much faster!  I hand cut these stencils out of the letterpress prints I had made.
Created a layout that should have more or less worked out for all over printing.

Made a fancy screen.
And then printing on paper turned into a gooey fiasco. So instead I printed myself a tee-shirt, which was also a gooey mess, but that's ok when it's on fabric.
The tee-shirt worked out so nicely that I went into the storage closet and got a used bed sheet before I took my lunch/ dinner break.
Guess what I'm eating? Yup, sardines and beans. My favorite. 

Came back to the studio and sat down to hand sew.

Because the next day was set to be 70 degrees!  With my press right in the sun!
Hanging out with the Masteress Printers, Rory Sparks and Emily Arthur.

And here I am getting sunburned shoulders at my press, working my lil tail off! Temperature was PERFECT for a bikini!

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