Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Home for a packed Weekend.

So, one packed weekend on the cusp between January and February started with helping Mike buy a surfboard.  One thing I am really good at is helping boys buy sporting equipment.  The guys I know who haven't taken advantage of this aspect of my character have truly missed out. I'm so good at convincing people it's ok to do what they want. 
Not too bad at taking pictures of mountains while driving either. OHMAN!  Look at that beautiful day?  what people don't know about Portland, and Oregon in general, is that the really beautiful days are all in February, when you least expect them.  

And this is why I was headed home.  My grandfather's 90th birthday!  I can not be denied- I have his nose right on my face. 

Also our annual Scottish dinner had to be hosted. Scotch eggs needed to be fried.  Someday I'll actually eat one of these things. Instead my skin just suffers the consequences of using a fryer. 

Saddly, other news.  I had to euthanize Bixente Liazaru, the wonder hedgehog.  He had developed mouth cancer, and though he was obviously glad to see me, he was fading fast. This is the last picture I took of him while he was still his happy, fearless self.

He was my company for thousands of miles, and a fantastic friend.  Here he is with Mike visiting  Stonehenge in the sunshine. I miss him terribly; every time I see a toilet paper roll or a spider I get a lump in my throat.  It's been hard to write my paper without his little cuddling support. 

The Nouveau Sous L'Eau project is dedicated to him, my favorite four-legged intrepid explorer.  I buried him in the yard on Groundhog's Day, coincidentally. He would never have noticed his shadow.

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