Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Draft Distraction

For most of the month of February (and a good portion of March, actually) I stayed in the "Garage-Mahal" backyard garage apartment of Miss Rory Sparks, in the process of tiling her wet-room bathroom in exchange for some of the rent and an incremental amount of beer money.  I did not design the mosaic, but I dutifully chipped and smashed and placed many a tesserae along with a few diligent, if short attention spanned, friends and admirers of Sparks.
After the first very, very long day of tiling parts of the walls looked like this. 
Almost 4 weeks, 25 pages of thesis writing, 15 episodes of the program "Connections," "Translevania 6500" (a terrible movie),"First Eden," "Living Planet," "Attenborough's Arc," "Ways Of Seeing," some other random british television series' parts, 6 episodes of On The Media, a couple episodes of "First Life," along with exhaustible hours of Pandora country music, and most of the space had pieces of tile adhered to it!

I really like my Portland friends.  They make me drawings like this, which depicts how cowboy bottle of gin or vodka gets together with vermouth to make martinis at the chalkboard honky tonk.
But if you count the hours I actually spent a lot more time with this cowboy than anyone else. 
And that's just the way I like it!

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