Thursday, March 21, 2013

Venice and Andy Byers

I went to Venice to visit my current mentor and look what I found!

Meeting also went fantastically.  My mentor, Mr. Andy Byers, is super intimidating and wonderfully warm and friendly.  Yes, I stole this image right off his new website, which folks should all check out:

After spending weeks by myself (along with David Attenborough) tiling, it was a difficult for me to feel like I was even close to being coherent in introductory dialog.  But Andy was very encouraging, especially about remembering to actually care about what I'm working on (oh yeah, I had forgotten that I actually like to make art!).  Seeing his work made me practically twitch to go home and make new things. Unfortunately hasn't started yet, but soon.  Soon as this blog finishes getting updated, in fact. 

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