Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shark Joss Proposed Project

When I applied to Penland I proposed this project to make replicas of traditional Chinese Joss paper (money for the ancestors), of which some types look like this:
Mine are supposed to be money for the shark ancestors, and instead look like this:
The major interior image is of a megalodon tooth.  Here's an image of a megalodon model being moved; as you can see, they were significantly larger than even the largest sharks are today.  Luckily a lot larger than the sharks I will be bringing to Boston.  The Joss will be one of the many things that falls out of the broken pinatas. 
Here are a couple of the papers as I prepared them for the final, dark level with the actual image

And here is a video of the process. So, after I did one print run of the red swath I would run the paper twice to print the silver square which I would then adhere the gold leaf to.
It's great to plan something simple and have it work out EXACTLY as you planned everyonceinawhile!  Certainly not true of all my Penland endeavors, but this proposed one went splendidly!

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