Wednesday, March 20, 2013

General Pictures of NC.

People in North Carolina must like licorice almost as much as I do, because the allsorts were always very fresh, and sometimes joined at the hip.

I walked home from the studio one night to find out I was dressed like this. 
Classic Eames at the Laudromat that Rory and I had to drive 20 miles to find. So welcoming. 
Ah, yes, the stereotypes abound. Notice the hail on the back windshield. 

And yet in Ashville there's a winebar, coffeeshop, used bookstore, indoor dog park. 

With books featuring such awesome illustrations as this. Also a book I should have bought called "The Art of the Hand Written Note" by Margaret Shepherd, which featured suggestions for the sorts of notes which should come hand written.  Amoung them was this classic (I paraphrase) "Your socks are on the windshield to remind you that your stuff is packed in your car."

And a place that made delicious hand fried potato chips made from only the best.  How they can't have plenty of potatoes in North Carolina I don't know. 

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