Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Winging, winching

Hah!  I'm using the new version of blogspot, and it now loads the photos in the order you do!  Fancy! So, yeah, these are loaded in reverse...

Anyway, this is what I, and 3 of my neighbors, did on Saturday.  Pretty amazing, right?  Ok, not really, considering people move whole houses and things all the time, but to me it was really a revelation in engineering.  Now I want to build things and winch them onto the backs of trucks and TAKE OFF.

So, this shed had housed my supplies and such for the last 7 years, and my mother decided it was to be no more on our property. I had it stuffed TO THE GILLS, and so I'm still very impressed that I could even empty it let alone move it.  It became a set for the first in a series of films (featured next blog) that it going to be called "How we disassemble." 

I'm getting very excited about sets in general. I have no idea why- they just make more work, really... Oh, maybe that's why...

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