Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eye on London

So, I spend a lot of time trying to articulate why I'm uncomfortable with the aspects of my work that put me, personally into some sort of spotlight. It's hard to understand (for me especially) why I'm developing a body of work that so heavily uses documentation and my own body, when I want to be as physically removed as possible...

Anyway, this weekend there was a wonderful article by A.A.Gill in the NY times titled "My London, and Welcome to it." And the 2nd to last paragraph struck a particular chord, especially when describing a city that has one truly magnificent Ferris Wheel called the "Eye"-

 "Now the Olympics has come and dragged us into the bright light, and a lot of attention is being given to London, and we're not used to it. We're not good at showing off. We're not a good time to be had by all, we're not an easy date. London isn't a party animal by nature, it doesn't join in or have a favorite karaoke song. It does, though, have a wicked, dry and often cruel sense of humor. It is clever, literate, and dramatic. It is private and taciturn, a bit of a bore, and surprisingly sentimental. And it doesn't make friends quickly, is awkward around visitors. We will be pleased when all the fuss and nosiness has gone away."

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