Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bottle Cap Project

So, one of the things I proposed last semester was to create a sort of online archive of my bottle cap collection where people could search specific caps, but also rearrange them, and perhaps put them into patterns (like a design your own skull).  My webbed friend (who will actually be doing the "building" part of this) decided that the caps with the nails already through them were out, which depleted my collection enormously.  But we are now proceeding nicely, with over 500 caps to play with.

I have sorted (along with my faithful mother) over a hundred pounds of bottle caps in the last week.  And then photographed the individuals on the copystand (henve the upside down bears with the cat hairs), and now am working through tagging each little guy with colors, brand, notable creatures or motifs, and brewery name and location, to the best of my wiki abilities.  I started by doing them all on a black piece of velvet (which, coincidently, has a ghost image of Pope John Paul II on it as well), but am going to have to re-photograph all the dark colored ones. 

Sorry if this is a dry post. I will be far more interesting when I have a day off from park work, I'm sure. 

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