Friday, February 17, 2012

Michael Deforest Makes Me Smile.


Michael is a woodshop teacher at my Alma Mater, Oregon College of Art & Craft. I came across this picture of him working at a National Portfolio Day where I was incharge of packing lunch bags many, many years ago. Which led me to his website, which led me to think about how much I miss finely crafted things, which made me want to share that with all y'all. I also miss paying attention to such small details as the bags the sandwiches are coming in. Right now I'm overwhelmed by not having time for details.

I think I'm having this particular craving because of watching Plan 9 from Outer Space last night, followed up by an amateurish 1991 documentary that accompanied it on the dvd (the documentary was actually longer than the movie). However, that led me to learning about Don Post, the original maker of the latex mask (no only this mask of Tor Johnson, but also the faces from HellRaiser and Halloween, etc.) Even when I'm not expecting it I find something amazing.

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