Sunday, February 12, 2012


So, I've been remiss in my bloggin'- I would say I've been sickly, which is true, but uninteresting. You can check my other blog for that. ANYWAY- These are images from Seattle almost 2 weeks ago- remember when I was obsessed with that blue color? So, these are the images I made that day, plus the not so great documentation of the 2nd of the "Traveling Tuna Tuesdays," complete with Pam, Michael, and great beer as well as a smashingly lovely red lamp.

2 things, actually, in that last picture I would like to draw your attention to (besides the lamp and the beer) would be the oxo salad spinner (which I still don't really know how to work) and their very fancy sandwich grill. I've decided part of this project (shoud I ever really turn it into something) will be the study and documentation of the wonderful things you can find in other people's kitchens. I really need to be a bit more scientific about it all. But what's nice is that I can replicate these sandwiches basically most places. Especially if I can find a Trader Joes. And also necessary is the IPA.

Anyway, there are more things to catch up with. Hopefully soon they will actually be more, er, um, art related...

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