Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inversion, Aversion, Jamie Oliver


I really am using this blog to muck about when I can't seem to be making sense in my research. Also, since I've been traveling there hasn't really been much of a chance to do anything except stop and take pictures. I have no budget to actually start on new works anyway. So instead here are some images of the inversion (among other things...). I've been thinking of naming the inversion. Anyone have any ideas? Harold the Inversion? Oscar the Grey? Yes, I did take 2/3 of these at over 70mph on the way to Seattle. I have no idea what could have crushed that silo-type thingy, there wasn't anything around that was obviously broken or fallen from the sky.

I've used the color "sky blue" in my work off and on over the years. At the moment, partially because I feel like my blue sky exposure is so limited, I'm almost hungry for that brighter blue color. Any sort of greyish blue makes me sorta antsy, and any sort of greenish blue reminds me of the sea, but all the bright blues remind me of the sky.

I've also been watching Jamie Oliver cooking shows, specifically "Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes," in which the celebrity chef does things like cook freshly killed tuna over a pit dug into the beach sand in Greece, or makes salad out of the home grown greens of an Italian jail. His general philosophy of buying fresh, local, artisan goods and then serving them up as simply as possible does appeal to me. But really it is his ability to, and propensity for, cooking anywhere that is keeping my interest. He's clearly a performer, but comes off as being more of a comfortable teacher then a razzle-dazzle man. He uses the same tools/props in almost every episode (same cutting board, same knife, same bowls), and they become almost like old friends. Very refreshing.

Anyway, not that I could find images of this on the internet in my perfunctory search, but there is a lovely blue that runs around the credits. It's not the bright sky blue I'm craving, but more the twilight blue over the Greek ocean. It's coincidentally the color of blue in the Swedish and Greek flags, and also the blue of the domes of Greek chapels, and the blue of the fresco sky behind the Medici 8 pointed stars in Italian cathedrals. Lovely bright, but twilight bright, blue.

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