Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tuna Travels

Masterpieces Everywhere!

So, once again we had Tuna Tuesday, NYC edition.  If you look back to January 18th of last year you can see these same folks in attendance, though at that point baby Mina was only 2 months old. Now she's HUGE!  She's a sink-full!  And look at those eyes!  She's gonna be a heart breaker!

It's funny when something goes from being a common, daily or weekly part of life to suddenly becoming nostalgic.  I recently learned my faux-Saarinen table and chairs, given to me by one tuna friend and leant in good faith to some others, are now inaccessible to me.  That the cast-iron skillet on which we made so much tuna love was given away.  It's funny to be sad about such things, such objects.  And difficult to be, when you are surrounded in a warm New york apartment by loving, maturing friends. Now with babies. Now with glasses.

The sandwiches, of course, remain a constant changing thing. You can never eat the same sandwich twice.  But you certainly can try.  The attempt is in itself a success. 

Truly, a great gesture, making me keys with a bottlecap chain.  Friendly new memories made, indeed.  So gentle is the love of true friends.

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