Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coney Island (by Myself)

Took a little time after a morning of writing. It's nearly dusk in all these pictures; as you can see, grey skies are still chasing me everywhere!

		    	has its cookies to give out

which is a good thing

                    since its been a long time since

	    that summer in Brooklyn

	when they closed off the street

		   one hot day

		      and the

					turned on their hoses

    and all the kids ran out in it

	in the middle of the street

      and there were

		      maybe a couple dozen of us

						     out there

with the water squirting up

			       to the


 						and all over


	there was maybe only six of us

					  kids altogether

	          running around in our

					barefeet and birthday


		       and I remember Molly but then

	      the firemen stopped squirting their hoses

		       all of a sudden and went

			       back in

			their firehouse


		started playing pinochle again

			just as if nothing

			     had ever


	while I remember Molly
				  looked at me and

		ran in

	because I guess really we were the only ones there

after 100 years no hurricane will get us!

these don't sound like our starlings at home. 

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