Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cleaning Up and Good Friends

I really didin't feel like my space at 601 was that, well, exciting this time.  Which is a shame, after all the time it took me to make the wall pieces and such.  Maybe I'm just not used to having such a small space.

Here's the top to the table.  My mother found me the fantastic food chain plastic bowls.  Eventually there were more than enough bottlecaps to go around the outside of the table.  Also I got to pollute another table with the wonderful arsenic green color of my heart. 

Shark, the day after smashing. 

Hair and confetti.

Happy half a shark.

De-cluttered.  I was actually looking forward to the visual of the shark ending up in the Dunkin' Donuts   Dumpster.  But instead I was visited by friends from Maine (Josh ( Randa and Isaac), who ended up taking the little guy home.  That shark has travelled coast to coast!

There may be fewer fins now, but more love, I'm sure...

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