Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dreams of Pinatas in Portland, Or.

Wow, you could do so much more with this idea, right? 
This bad by is 20 feet tall and created by Jennifer Rubell, another participatory/ food style artist. I recommend her website- http://jenniferrubell.com/

These guys are from the Pinata District in Los Angeles.  Did I know there was a pinata district in Los Angeles?  Of course not!  Wouldn't change the face that we couldn't really go anywhere this weekend because of Carmageddon.  Next time!
So, the hair on this guy is made from sausage balloons, a technique I'll have to remember. 

These are actually called "mojigangas," and are more along the lines of technique I think I'm moving into.  Less crepe paper, more articulated paint. 

Also, I really like the combination of fabric with the painted surfaces. 

As for the history of Pinatas-  apparently they were adopted into Meso-American culture much the same way Christmas trees were adopted in European culture.  When the Spanish missionaries arrived they found that there was already a  tradition of bashing an image of the left-handed hummingbird god Huizilopochtli to receive prizes, similar to a tradition of breaking open a ceramic pot filled with candy at the end of Lent in Italy. A 7 pointed paper "pot" was created to represent the 7 deadly sins, which was then broken open by a blindfolded, devoted, follower.  

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