Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dagon fish heads & how to hug a shark.

So, last night I began to research cultures that worship fish.  And I came across this whole website relating the mitre to the fish head, which I very much appreciated. 

It also reminded me of this chestnut, which if you are a fan of 1980's SNL you've probably forgotten, and if you are a fan of Dr. Demento you are probably sick of.  Thank you Barnes and Barnes and Bill Paxton.  

More importantly I learned about trout tickling and noodling, both practices that are frequently outlawed, but seem to me to be the only way that the fish and the human almost interact as equals.  The human stands on the bank and gently coaxes the trout into a trance, where they can be easily grabbed and thrown out of the water.  No hooks involved.  Noodling requires using the fisherman's arm as the "noodle" bait for a catfish.  Also no hooks. 
which then brings me to this BBC video about hugging sharks in chain mail.

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