Friday, October 19, 2012

About (Nighttime) Happiness

I've been thinking about how advertising memes makes us happier.  For example, the "enjoy" on a certain cola. Or the punch lines, like "the man your man could smell like (I'm on a horse)." 
Or even things like this, that just, basically, tell us to be happy.
Or places like the drive-in that only exist to make us happier. 
Mike and I have been sharing an awful lot of memes this week.  Like "Sh*t Ultra-Runners Say" or "Charlie the Unicorn." But, strangely, I wonder if I will actually associate the meme with itself, or instead create a memory based instead on the shared in-joke shared later halfway immersed in the Pacific Ocean on boogie boards. 
Just a little speculation.  I'm sure it will come to something.  Like waves, I'm learning to harness my non-sequitors. Kinda. 

1 comment:

  1. Do the advertisements actually communicate happiness, or is it that they suggest inadequacy in the self, and that we will become more complete, and therefore more happy, if we have their product or experience?? My reading suggests the latter...