Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Relational Aesthetics, what the what?

Does anyone explain it better?

So, in the last couple days, as I've been mulling over "when is performance not a performance?" I've been forced to admit that I really don't understand relational aesthetics and my place in them, not to mention how to differentiate them for just the regular wonderfully surreal life that I lead. I mean, I had Alexandro trying to scientificfy my process and got to watch impromptu hiphop art-jamming. Was that where the art was?

So, in an attempt to get a better grasp on such things I am restarting an old Portland tradition- Tuna Tuesday! Actually, I had already planned to host this dinner party long before the residency- the residency just reminded me that it had the potential to be art. So, here are some stills (my movie camera will be used in the future installments)for the 1st of the Traveling Tuna Tuesdays. Last night's took place at 200 8th Ave in absolutely lovely Brooklyn. Not sure if it's art, but heaven's it's tasty.

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