Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Bixente really feels about Relational Aesthetics.

So, this is Bix doing his absolute favorite wintertime activity- running around the bathroom with his head in a toilet paper tube. I think it must remind his little hypothalmus (try as I might I can't verify if hedgehogs have a hypothalmus, and I'm not going to cut him open to find out) of tunneling or something (though he never digs tunnels when he could, so god only knows). He will willingly investigate things he would usually find terrifying (my shoes, the open floor underneath the sink...). He tries to sneak up on me, an activity he would never indulge in otherwise. After awhile he will pull his head out, look a bit scruffly, give himself a good scratch, and then find somewhere to nap. ((well documented, but infrequently witnessed -- phenomenon of apparently healthy hedgehogs running in circles, sometimes for hours on end, without seeming to get bored. ))

And this brings us back to the topic of Relational Aesthetics... In that instead of spending yesterday doing research on relation aesthetics I read some scientific papers about hedgehogs, drank too much coffee, and glowered because it was raining...

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