Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh My God! It's Oregon!

So! Yesterday I had to leave lovely lalaland and return to scenic Oregon (the bright spots in that picture are reflections of the interior lights.) Though I didn't get my much needed sun bathe while I was down south, I'd forgotten just how different rain is here, and even more specifically Eugene. There's a freshness to dryland rains- a kind of bright coldness. Here it's more of a moldy glisten. Anyway, I won't wax too long on the weather, even though it's all I think about.

I had my first mentor meeting with the lovely Lesli Larson. She made me coffee (notice the herringbone hourglass holder) and introduced me to her dog Chaz. And, no, those aren't all the bags she owns, though I love their archive system.

It was amazingly satisfying to talk to some one who is around garments all the time. She began to talk about my bikinis as documentable artifacts before I'd even gotten to that part of the explanation. And, golly gee, she's also a photographer who is more than willing to help me with the newly aquired photographic conundrums. So, presumably in March we will get together and shootshootshoot!

Because of that I will be solely focusing on creating the remaining 4 or 5 suits, as well as papers, for the next month. All photo related troubleshooting is to be put aside until further notice.

She's already supplied me with a great list of books I will have no time to read, and reaffirmed that I need to watch "The Wire" as well as several other series' and movies. Already looking forward to our meeting in February.

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