Monday, January 23, 2012

Non- Art day, L.A.

I really don't like doing the residency summaries. I just never know if I've written enough. I converted my scramble-scribble notes into some sort of coherent form, and I guess that's all I need to do? Now I just need to come up with 3 research topics...

While my procrastination juices were flowing (a useful visual metaphor I'm stealing from my friend here), I decided that much more important than writing up my notes was to fix and clean Daniel's 50's era stove. It had some broken handles (which still aren't attached in the picture as their J.B. weld is curing). So I trundled off to the hardware store and even lolly-gagged looking into plant foods for his hibiscus, picked out a couple of kinds of caulking... And eventually made it back to the house to start the scrub fest. I think I spent about 2 hours on the stove and maybe an hour and a half re-caulking part of his bath tub and the joists in his 1914-era ceiling. And things are gratifyingly better. Why can't this be art?

Well, maybe it can be, if I could just use my camera a little better and more consistently (so good about the after shots, so bad about the befores). After all, J.Morgan Puett gets written up in Food and Wine magazine for her installation fridge ideas...

Anyway, paper is done to the point of just needing page numbers. Pimm's cup is still not mastered as a cocktail choice. Looking forward to sushi, caulk under my fingernails.

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