Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poly Canyon

So, I know I've been remiss, but look where I was visiting!

I sincerely enjoy having my experiences brokered by other folks that I haven't seen in years. Such it was to visit San Luis Obispo and my old buddy Phillip. These images (only one taken by me, the last) are of some of the structures in Poly Canyon, an architectural site series hidden in the back of Cal Poly campus. There are also horses and turkeys and warning signs about wildcats. Excellent fun!

The 2 featured here are Shell House and Green House. We actually could traipse around inside Shell House, which is completely wired, and even has a range, fridge, sink, lights, ceiling fans,etc. fully installed. The kitchen, to me, was wonderfully situated, with very little wasted space. However, the rest of the space was a little odd, and filled with tables places in "storage." Oh, and it had lovely kitchen garden landscaping, where I failed to catch a lizard. And it's just hanging out on a hill, anyone can visit.

Anyway, this kinda funny article seems to be more articulate than I am today, I just drove through a snow storm, so I have an excuse...

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