Monday, July 25, 2011

Front Desk Post

Actually, this is a little bit of an experiment to see how things cut and pasted from word end up looking on this blog. Anyway...

These are my nearly-mnemonnic notes that were made during a "research session" where I was supposedly working the front desk of a college on a beautiful summer Saturday (as you can imagine, there was NO ONE on campus). I have dutifully looked up every artist I took note of during the residency, with the exception of those that I was supposed to become "Expert" in. At the end of a 9 hour shift I think I had maybe found 9 of these people who warrant further interest and research. If the font stuff worked they should be in bold. Anyway...

Artists & Collectives to look up-
*Elizabeth Higgins-O’Conner. (Very sad looking creatures made from couch cushions and yarn detritus. Paintings are of sad looking creatures in conflict. Under-grad at Cal State Long Beach.)
*Sally Mann. (Alt Process Black and White Photography of naked children, husband, etc. Notorious. No Idea how her work relates to mine.)
*Lynda Benglis. (Double dildo add spread, really great paint “blatts.” Video work on
*El Anatsui. (Breath-takingly awesome works using bottle caps and discarded metal bits. Personal site currently down.)
*Karen Kilimnick. (“Why does any self-respecting painter ever set out to be feeble?” really ugly paintings…)
*Matthew Ritchie. (Awesome games and pseudo drawings.)
*Limner Portraits. (deliberately decorous)
*K8 Hardy. (“Now, it’s not about hanging out naked in my underwear, but rather about selling myself as an artist.” Fashion photography ala Todd Oldham, film works).
*Francis Alys (video works, mostly based on walking. Also collects paintings of Saint Fabiola.).
*Acconci.(Performance works like “Seed Bed” leading to landscape architecture)
*Larry Clark. (Photographer and film maker, specifically of Tulsa (book) and Kids(film))
*Tim Hawkinson.(Bird Skeletons made out of fingnail clippings, interactive octopus made of photographs)
*Arthur Ganson. (MIT machines)
*Tom Friedman. (amazing geometric stuff, awful visceral stuff.)
*DAVID ALTMEJD. (Ben said to keep it in all caps)(“Narrative Potential”- decaying werewolves.)
*Terrence Koh. (Chinese sculptor, most notably of Lady Gaga’s piano)
*Dan Graham. (mirror buildings, public labyrinths)
*Urs Fischer.(Blobby metal things, tongue coming out from wall)
*Jason Rhoades. (collaborator with Paul McCarthy, CCAC alumni)
*Jerry Saltz (New York Magazine, Formally of Village Voice).
*Joan Semel.(Painting from photographs at odd angles of presumably her own body)
*Nan Goldin. (Still photography work moving into cinematic)
*Margaret Bourke-White. (Maggie the Indestructible, photo-journalist)
*Immogen Cunningham. (Originally from pdx, UW alumnae, black and white studies of plants and nudes.)
*Hannah Wilke (little bubble gum vaginas, “Intra Venus”).
*Barbara Kruger. (futura bold oblique over photos)
*Jenny Holzer. (Projected Barbara Kruger)
*Bansky (Artist or Collective- street work and agit-anti-prop)
*Clare Fontaine. (text, text, neon text, flip knives made from quarters.)
*Alexander McQueen. (accredited with bringing low-rise “bumster” jeans back into style. Extravagant fashion. )
*B.A. Harrington. (crazy wood work.)
*Louisa Cassati. (“I want to be a living work of art.” Femme Fatale, featuring live snakes as jewelry)
*Marilyn Mintor. (overly ripe photos of lips and jewelry. Unclear as to the distinction between photos and paintings.)
*Pierre et Gille.(over the top glittery photographs of beautiful people in glorious handmade set pieces. Lots of glitter.)
*Erwin Olaf. (Overly dramatic, perfect looking horror inspired photographs. Mostly commercial, it seems.)
*Mike Kelly. (Stitched doll bought objects, abjection, “clusterfuck aesthetics”- Jerry Saltz)
*Paul McCarthy(still boring)
*Cory Arcangel. (Musician from Oberlin, hacks video games, most notably Mario clouds)
*Mike Smith.(Video artist, created character. VDB.)
*Harvey Fite/ Opus 40 (early land work, created by one professor from Bard College).
*Amanda Lynn. (Awful Paintings of women)
*Yinka Shonibare. (sculptures, often without heads, adorned in "ethnic " fabric, often set up in tableaus.)
*Hanry Darger.(the story of the Vivian girls.)
*Richard Prince. (Incredibly bad field paintings with stupid jokes on them).

Artists and Collectives I couldn’t find on the internets
*Red Queen or Red Wing theatre group.
*Victor Schwarzlofsy.
*Nalem Blake.
*Eric Simmon-Ziegler.
*Terry Bartlett.
*Joan Fercunderta.
*Irwin Verme.
*Hans Hocke.

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