Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shark! And surface treatments...

The re-tooled original shark, held together with 2 eyebolts only,

and then hastily painted with 3 colors of house paint, not changing the brush between colors.  One of the things I really appreciate about pinatas is their lack of pristineness, and so I wanted the first coat of paint just to give the idea of shark gradation.  Also, this shark has no eyes, nose, or gills. All it has is a toothless mouth and fins.  I'm not convinced that the sharks need any more detail than the dorsal fin and a mouth. Maybe this will be one of the questions I ask in critique.  Right now, this shark is fairly smooth and under-played, but still got a reaction from my mother this morning, "That shark looked scary."

Which leads me to my next question- At this moment I have created a break away shark.  One of the issues with this first shark to send off is that I want to be able to break it down and put it back together.  The sharks in June that won't be as necessary, but I'm sure repairs would still need to be made.  
Which brings us to the second surface treatment- various tapes. The second face is just a head I made to try out the next tactic for building. Besides changing the graphic of the shark, it also renders the sculpture less recyclable.  But it also makes detail (like gills) a very easy fix.  And, in case of cross country mishap, makes repairs simpler. Any feedback on this is welcome-  Is the tape shark too cartoony?  Too gimmicky? It is my "style" to create a surface treatment like this, but perhaps it is just too distracting? 
ah well, off to make dinner. 

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