Monday, November 12, 2012

Pre-bikini musings...

 Over the weekend my friend Joe Carrow came to visit and help shoot images of me wearing the bikinis (images to follow, I'm sure).  He shared this video with me, which got me thinking, again, about how drag informs my work.  And as much as I enjoy the costume aspects of it, it's really the joy that excites me.

I also got to see ADIRA live recently, which, was oso much better than this video implies.  She and her girls are hilarious, tight, and classy.  They were the support show for Kid Koala, a show that used puppets of robots and church choirs and large replicas of records.

As empowering as I find these things to watch, the energy is almost what I want to remove from my costume work.  I want the costume to be static, preserved...

Ah well, all this is a tangent from the cohesive body of work I am meant to be working on. Sigh.

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