Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I make stuff with stuff!

So, recently my mother decided that the ugly shed that's in front of our house (and was put there by someone else, but held all of my stuff from when I "moved back" a couple years ago) has to go. Specifically, it has to go to a neighbors. Anyway, I had to clean everything out. Now, mostly against the side of the house, all my art work is living in rubber tubs until I can more thoroughly integrate it. Sigh. Nothing says "broke" like using your last $200 to buy rubber tubs.

Anyway, onto more cheerful subjects!

Yesterday I "finished" my first piece for the semester! This is the Pipclini! (so dubbed by Lydia, who was texting me through the process). It's made mostly of clothes hangers, sequin wrap, and pipecleaners (and bailing wire and blue tape, because, let's face it, all my work is made using bailing wire and blue tape. Uniquely, there are no drywall screws involved in this work...). I'm thinking it needs some of those silver Christmas balls to hang off the hangers before I photograph it.

Working in pipecleaners is remarkably fun. They have such a lovely dense texture and wondrous resistant quality. If I have time I want to make some props to accompany this piece, but we'll see... (Anyway, it now has a rubber tub of its own...)

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